Programs for receiving (C)HRPT, HRI and MSG pictures.

Linux Windows DOS Perl Python
HRPT/QPSK wsat wsat.exe hrpt.exe

Manual wsat: html, pdf (zipped) Manual / Handleiding
tracking xtrack xtrack.exe

Eumetcast xrit2pic xrit2pic

Manual ___ Very short manual
Aviplay aviplay

Channel select ecast_chansel

Eumetcast simple weview weview

SR1 monitor sr1_status

sr1_status sr1_status
Eumetsat via Internet

eds: Eumetsat Data Store

Installation satpy/SPS
SPS downloads
Alternative satpy scripts
Satpy on a Pi
Some problems and solving them...
Trouble shooting Tellicast

Mailing list for these programs (not only xrit2pic):

Note: Please leave me a short email after you subscribe for this maling list.


Program language translator:
Linux Windows
exetrans exetrans.exe

Program Dictionary Language Usage Translator
xrit2pic xrit2pic_trans_nl.txt Nederlands exetrans -t nl Rob Alblas
xrit2pic xrit2pic_trans_ca.txt Catalan exetrans -t ca Jordi Muns
xrit2pic xrit2pic_trans_it.txt Italian exetrans -t it Dario Tortato

  • Download exetrans and (one of) the dictionaries to the same location as where the program to translate is.
  • Execute the command stated in the table in a command shell.
  • If not everything is translated try the -f option.
    Result is program name with suffic "_t". E.g. xrit2pic is translated into xrit2pic_t.

    With this translator you can change texts in programs. In this way you can translate menus, buttons etc. into your mother language.
    You need to make a translate file, e.g.:

    Enable               Aanzetten
    "Browse src dir."    "Blader src map."
    /File                /Bestand
    File/Quit            Best/Weg
    • Replacement may not exceed length original (will be cut).
    • Names with spaces need to be surrounded by "".
    • Menus contain invisible chars which you need to add; see example.
    • If the program doesn't do what you expect first try the original.
    • You can try this translation on any program. No success guaranteed!
    • Keep always your original executable!
    Making your own translation:
    • Copy an existing translation file, e.g. German: to ..._trans_de.txt
    • Change the text in the right column.
    • !! Don't change the left column!!
    • For menu items: don't change the syntax; that is, the place of '/'
    • You may send me your translation, so I can add it on my webpage.

    How translation is done

    For each item in the translation list the executable is scanned.
    If the same string is found, preceeded and followed by 0, it is replaced by the text in the second column.
    So, e.g. if abcde has to be translated into hijkl then the executable is scanned for: [null]abcde[null] (null= zero as a number).
    Sometimes text is not preceeded by null; the -f option ignores it. This may give a higher risc in translating something what shouldn't be translated, especially if the text is very short!

    Description of (C)HRPT and HRI file formats