XRIT2PIC very short Windows installation and usage manual


Following needs to be installed:
install programcomment
setup_xrit2pic_xxxx_y.exeThe program
setup_decompr.execompression DLL's, no need to re-install if updating xrit2pic
setup_gtk20dll.exeGTK2 DLL's, no need to re-install if updating xrit2pic


Make sure that in the start-icon the right run-location is defined. It should be a location which is write-able for a normal user.
xrit2pic will save preferences in a file 'xrit2pic.ini' at this location.

Define the location where files are coming in and where generated files are stored.

Using xrit2pic.


At start, xrit2pic will read the source directory and will show the present items in a tree strucure.
Updating the tree if new items are received is possible in 2 ways:


Choose an item in the tree, either: Or, to generate a composed picture:


There are lots of features in xrit2pic, including: See the more elaborated manual