WEVIEW manual (release V1.5).



weview is a simple program to handle HRIT/LRIT/AVHRR data, broadcasted by Eumetsat via satellite and internet. It is based on xrit2pic, but is kept as simple as possible. It is intended for 'now-and-then' usage. A channel selector (like tqchansel) is included.
Weview is available for both Windows and Linux.
weview includes following functionality:


For Windows there is a self-installing executable. Apart from the program some libraries need to be installed. These are the same as for xrit2pic. To simplify installation just 2 setup files need to be downloaded and installed: For update to a new release just the last executable needs to be reinstalled.
By default installation is done in:
  • c:\Program Files\xrit
    but this can be changed during the installation process. A desktop icon is also generated.

    During installation of weview two other programs will be installed:

    Note that for recording Tellicast and etoken software have to be installed too. For viewing previously recorded data just weview is sufficient.


    weview needs just a few settings. Defaults match with default Tellicast installation; mostly no further settings are needed.

    The Settings page contains a few subpages. The main page contains an overview of the current settings:

    For each item the status is shown: green (OK), red (not OK) or blue (another setting needs to be fixed first).
    If an item isn't set correctly (red state) a 'Solve' button gets active (at the right).
    The items are:
    recv.inilocation of this file; installed with Tellicast; weview uses it to determine the location of recv-channels.ini
    recv-channels.inilocation of this file; weview uses it to do Tellicast channel selection
    recv-channels.ini.savContains original recv-channels.ini.
    Tellicast programNecessary to be able to switch on and of Tellicast
    received in:Location where the received (raw) data is placed by Tellicast
    Exported in:Location where JPEG files, generated by weview, are placed

    Check internet connection

    For NOAA AVHRR Kepler files are needed to determine the position on earth of the received files. (For NOAA GAC and METOP no Kepler-files are needed because the data is present in the received files.) Weview will download Kepler files "by itself" as soon as a NOAA file is selected.
    A separate program is needed, which is part of the installation file: wget.exe In subpage "Internet" of the Settings page the connection to the celestrak website can be checked:

    Click on "Check download" to check availability of the Kepler files.


    Check installation of extra files

    weview needs a few extra files and programs. This page shows if the files are installed or not.
    All files and programs are part of the setup files. If one of the is not installed then run one of the 2 weview setup-files and make sure that the missing programs/files are checked for installation.


    Select Tellicast channel.

    Start/stop record.

    Click on 'Start receiving'.
    This will start Tellicast, and the selected satelliets will be recorded, while showing one of them.
    Click again to stop recording.
    If necessary check Tellicast by viewing the content of recv.log:
    Click on 'Tellique log'.

  • Green: Selected channel received.
  • Red: Not selected channel, not saved.
  • Blue: program messages (start, shut down etc.)
  • Click on 'Reload' to update the log.


    This page is used to select and view previously recorded data, and to do a few simple processing tasks. Generating a JPEG file is also done here.

    Each line contains one satellite. Opening an item, by clicking on '+', will show the individual channels of the current satellite.

    Below the list:

    World map

    To determine the position of the satellite select page "World map". This page is especially usefull for polar satellites.
    If a polar satellite is selected the received segments are plotted on the world map. Start and number of segments to show can be selected. The start-segment cab also be selected by left-clicking on the world map on the first segment to show. After selection go bacl to the View page and click on "Preview". For NOAA AVHRR NORAD data is needed. The data is downloaded in an automated way. To check internet connection see page
    Settings, subpage "Internet".

    As soon as a NOAA file is selected weview will download Kepler data. If no internet connection is available then after a few seconds an error message will be given. After that, selecting NOAA files will not cause retrying to download.

    To enable/retry downloading again go to Settings page, and sub-page "Internet". Click on "Check download". this will just check the internet connection. If OK go back to the "View" page, and re-select again the NOAA item.