Format of the hri-files.

This is a simple byte-based format.
C-header contains:
#define HRI1SIGN "PDUS"

/* Time info with 2 byte integers */
struct tm_sh_hri1
  gint16 tm_sec,tm_min,tm_hour;
  gint16 tm_mday,tm_mon,tm_year,tm_wday,tm_yday,tm_isdst;

 * File header HRI1 format.
typedef struct pdushdr
  char code[8];
  gint16 lenhdr;
  gint16 width,height;
  gint16 nrchan;
  struct tm_sh_hri1 tm;

The file header: (34 bytes) The data-part contains frameblocks of 364 bytes separated with a 7-bytes sub-header: Complete format is:
<34bytes_header>F R A M E 6F 01<364bytes_data>F R A M E 6F 01<364bytes_data>...
The reader has to determine the right format from the received hri-data, like width and height of the picture (A-format, B-format, X-format etc.) to reconstruct the picture. This information is present in the 364 bytes-per-frame received data.