Manual XTRACK (release 2012.4).

Needed files.

Example installation:

Settings: Edit->Preferences.

Settings are saved in file xtrack.ini. This file is read at program-start.
By means of the Preferences window the preference items can easily be changed.
(The xtrack.ini file is ASCII, so may also be changed using a text editor.)

The xtrack.ini file is searched for in the following directories, in this order:

The first xtrack.ini-file found is taken.
If no xtrack.ini file is found the built-in defaults are taken.

Clicking on 'Save' will also save the currently selected / visible satellites.

Settings at each tab:

1. Observator

2. Rotorconfig.

3. Files.

Define filenames of:
These files are searched for the same way and in the same locations as of the preferences file.

4. Ext. programs.

If needed, define one or more programs to run: These programs have to be made by you, and may be used to drive antenna rotors and set receiver frequency. Programs may accept arguments. Special formats (C-like): Example:

Run 1x at sat. upset_freq %n
Run 1x at sat. downrotor AZ=0 EL=90
Run during sat. uprotor AZ=%.1a EL=%.0e

Suppose NOAA-16 is selected. As soon as NOAA-16 gets elevation > 0 the next program is run:

  • set_freq NOAA-16
    Then, on a regular base (e.g. each second) the next program runs: (e.g. azimuth=12.34, elevation is 20.78)
  • rotor AZ=12.3 EL=20
    At last, if elevation gets < 0:
  • rotor AZ=0 EL=90
    which will bring antenna into 'storm' position

    5. Run options.

    6. UART.

    Settings of UART

    7. Fonts and colors.

    Satellites to show: Edit ->Select sat

    This will show a list of all satellites in the Kepler NORAD file. Left are not-selected satellites, right selected satellites. Selected satellites can be saved into prefrences file:
  • Select "Edit->Preferences"
  • Click on 'Save'

    Show and change Kepler data: Edit ->Kepler data

    Kepler data of selected satellite is shown, and may be changed. (No save of changed data possible.)


    Download and/or select new Norad 2-lines Kepler file. See Edit->Select sat to select satellite(s) from the new selected file.


    Zoom in/out. Use cursor keys or scrollbars to shift visible part.


    Predict passes of selected satellite. A list of all passes in the defined range will pop up.


  • prog info
  • Debug
  • Search portnr: clicking will search for recognized portnr. Result is shown in main window right-bottom, 'portne'.

    Buttons at bottom.