MSG software Windows downloads of WEVIEW

Windows weview version v1.7.a

  • First install: Download first 2 setup's. These are self-installing executables.
  • For updates just the first (setup_weview.exe) needs to be reinstalled.)

    (Note: The 2 libs are the same as for xrit2pic. There is no need to re-install if you already have them.)

    Note: This vesion supports compressed METOP files. Make sure that you also install bzip2 (present in the installer).
    VersionTypeDownloadDownload sizeComment
    v1.7.a weview program setup_weview.exe 825k Also contains bzip2.exe.

    All DLL's and maps setup_wevmapslibs.exe 5.6M Contains all libs and maps below
    Subsets of setup_wevmapslibs.exe
    subset 2009.01 Map files setup_maps.exe 3.1M
    2004.03 JPEG and wvt decompression libs setup_decompr.exe 453k
    2.0 Needed DLL-libs setup_gtk20dll.exe 2.6M

    Added in 1.7:
  • Support compressed METOP
    Fixed in 1.6h:
  • Kepler: location where wget is searched (now explicit in program install dir)
    Fixed in 1.6g:
  • METOP AVHRR crash fixed
    Fixed in 1.6f:
  • Received pic wasn't always shown (no update).
  • Refresh Tellicast log: No "flashing" window
  • Added single-update button for log refresh
    Fixed in 1.6e:
  • Inversion METOP EPS IR channels
  • Proper handling in case of absence erathmap.gif

    Fixed in 1.6d:

  • Kepler-issue with decimal comma/dot

    New in 1.6:

  • Support EARS METOP
  • Warning/pre-delete in case of many files

    added v1.5:

  • Flip picture
  • Download Kepler
    Manual weview
    Nederlandstalige handleiding weview

    Program information

    About the name

    Original the name was 'wview': Weather View. However, there is already a program with this name, also dealing with weather data. So I did changed it in 'weview'; the first 'e' stands for 'Eumetcast'.