Selector for Eumetcast channels

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ecast_chansel makes selecting of Eumetcast data to receive easier, especially if you want to (de)select channels now and then. It uses your channels-files to create a small gui with select buttons. From the selected items it creates a .ini_sel file which is a copy of the original channels-file, but with non-selected items commented out.

Both old format (recv-channels.ini) and new format (cast-client_*.ini) are supported.
In recv.ini or cast-client_*.ini the location(s) of the channels file(s) needs to be changed, to point to the generated channels file. This is the original file name with suffix _sel:

orig. filegenerated filefile in which to change [locations]
Note that the file names may be anything you want; these are just the default filenames.
You can specify up to 5 files. Buttons for each file are added into their own tab (see screenshot).

Items in the original file commented out are ignored. This way you can define which items should be selectable.

Each item may have a nickname, which will replace the text near the select button. See screenshot; here, e.g. EPS-10 has a nickname METOP.

Some points:


The channels filenames are built-in into the program, but you may also specify the names yourself. This must be done by adding start-options to the command.

The simple method

Make sure you start the tool at the location where the channels-files are. That's all, if you just need the basic channels file.
In Windows, using the icon, you need to do a few changes:

The 'advanced' method

Do the same, but instead of the option -n (which uses the default built-in filenames and fixed order) use -i option:

ecast_chansel -i cast-client-channels_bas.ini -i cast-client-channels_hvs-1.ini

You can use now any order and/or filenames. Also, you can change the tab-name by using the -t option, e.g.:

ecast_chansel -t basic -i cast-client-channels_bas.ini -t hvs -i cast-client-channels_hvs-1.ini

By default, the tabname is the part between 'cast-client-channels_' and '.ini'.

If files are not in the start-location you must also add the path to each filename, from the start-location, e.g.
ecast_chansel -i c:\ecast\cast-client-channels_bas.ini -i c:\ecast\cast-client-channels_hvs-1.ini
Up to 5 channels file may be defined.

Test if it works.

Adding nicknames

Using the tool


This tool replaces tqchansel. If you switch to ecast_chansel then don't use tqchansel anymore! Best is to remove tqchansel, to prevent confusion.