MSG software: XRIT2PIC

Current version: 2017.6
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XRIT2PIC translates LRIT/HRIT files originating from Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) weathersatellites into picture files.
A short feature overview:

Supported picture formats.

XRIT formatembedded formattranslated toSecond formatComment
LRIT JPEG 8 bits JPEG 8 bits PGM 8 bits
LRIT Wavelet 8/10 bits PGM 8/16 bits
Foreign sats, like GOES
HRIT Wavelet 10 bits PGM 16 bits

All Any AVI
each frame is JPEG

NOTE: PGM 16 bits is in big endian format! Some viewers (e.g. xv of Unix/Linux) assume little endian on little endian machines; probably a bug in these programs.

Example picture

Mailing list

You may join the xrit2pic mailing list.

Content of Downloads.

xrit2pic xrit2pic
msgreceive tqchansel
Overlays and Kepler
translator translator
bufr extraction bufr extraction
Source code xrit2pic


Manual xrit2pic.
Quick reference guide and known problems.
Running Eumetcast on linux kernel 2.6.
Running Eumetcast on linux kernel 2.4.

Italian Manual xrit2pic. (translated by Dario Tortato)

Additional files.

Type Link Description
Overlays geo sats Overlays contains all Meteosat overlays files.
Also contains overlays for GOES and MTSAT.
Shore overlay for all satellites gshhs_i.b For more info: GSHHS
This site needs a login now. You can find the file also in: setup_maps.exe
Kepler for polar sats weather.txt For NOAA's and METOP
Earth map earthmap.gif for polar track plotting
Blue marble maps monthlies for scatterometer plots and/or polar track plotting (8km/pix, 2km/pix)

Put all needed files in one of the following directories:

See manual for details about these search directories.

Notes of this release


Needed PC.

xrit2pic runs fine on a very simple PC; it doesn't need much memory (32M should be fine). However, especially for the wavelet decompression a fast PC is needed to translate this format in an acceptable time (2GHz: a few seconds).
Note: You may try to convince me to add certain options!
Also, bug reporting is very welcome.

Some technical information.

Each picture is represented into several (e.g. 8, or 58) small files.

PGM notes

Note that 2 types of 16-bits PGM exist: Big Endian (MSByte first) and Little Endian (LSByte first). I think it is not well defined how PGM should be saved. Windows programs seem to use Big Endian, Linux (xv, IJG routines) Little Endian.
For the moment xrit2pic only generates Big Endian, but it is easy to also generate Little Endian PGM. If you need the latter one let me know!

JPEG notes

The used IJG code needed to be changed:

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