EDS: Eumetsat Data Store

To get access to the Eumetsat data: see: get_apikeys

Some experimental python scripts to download products from Eumetsat.

Note: updated 27-9-2021 to changes Eumetsat
text files used in python scripts (defined in
eds.keyreplace <consumer_key> and <consumer_secret>
eds.prdexample file to store product to download (if needed)
python gui product selector
eds_select.pyselect product, add in product file (see get_product() )
python scripts: functions
eds_defs.pydefines variables with default values
eds_funcs.pyseveral functions for downloading6-8-2021: some bug fixes
python scripts: examples using above functions
eds_get_in_period.pyExample 16-8-2021: Added hour range, minute range
25-1-2022: adapted to allow more flexible ranges
eds_get_live.pyExample 2
eds_make_movie.pyExample 3
eds_process.pycontains action to do with downloaded file (used in example 3)

Example 1: download predefined time period and interval

This example downloads zip-files from start_date to end_date, one file for each day, and unzips them.

Example 2: Regularly download new data

A bit like Tellicast, but now using internet.
Define download- and unzip-locations and product to download.
Each 5 minutes a check is done if there is new data available, and if so, download is done.

Example 3: Create a movie with limited time.

By running repeatedly the movie will grow. This depends on the options used with xrit2pic; in this example the movie will start an midnight and will grow for one day, then start over again.

This file has some optional arguments:

  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  -dry              just show what will be done
  -verbose VERBOSE  0=quiet, 1=errors, 2=+warnings, >2=+info
  -nprod NPROD      Select product from eds.prd (line nr.)
  -product PRODUCT  define product name

The Pi to use depends on the processing (i.e., xrit2pic command):