Decoding (C)(M)HRPT, METOP, Fengyun-3 and MSG weathersatellites.

These pages contain information about weather satellite related hardware and software:
  • A simple to build decoder/generator for HRPT, CHRPT, MHRPT and HRI (PDUS).
  • wsat: a program needed in combination with the decoder, to store and process the pictures
  • xrit2pic: a program to manage LRIT/HRIT pictures, transmitted by MSG (Meteosat Second Generation) and more.
  • xtrack: a satellite tracking program.

    All software is free available: compiled (for Linux and Windows).

    E-mail to R. Alblas

NOAA1*/Meteor/METOP/ Fengyun/Aqua/NOAA2* decoder/generator

Received pictures
A-68a ice berg movement, 10-1-2020 ... 4-3-2021, 16:00 UTC (MSG4)

Meteor MN2-2, 22-2-2020, 13:49 UTC (H. v. Deursen)

Meteor MN2, 20-2-2020, 7:55 UTC (H. v. Deursen)

Meteor MN2-2

Meteor 25-10-2018


Fires Portugal, 18-6-2017, 12:00

FY3C, received 25-05-2017 using new hardware

FY3C, received 23-05-2017 using new hardware

FY3C, received 07-05-2017 using new hardware

MET7: last picture sent by Eumetcast, received 31-03-2017, 12:30

Metop-A, received 13-11-2016 using new hardware

Himawari Colours

Moon seen from Himawari


MSG2, 20-03-2015, 09:30
MSG2 movie
GOES15, 21-8-2017, 17:00

First data received from DVB-S2

MSG2, 28-12-2014, 11:35

Received by F. Duttke with GODIL-decoder beta version; processed using wsat

Meteor-N2 19-8-2014
Meteor-N2 20-8-2014

Received by B. Schellekens with GODIL-decoder; processed using wsat

Meteor-N2 11-1-2015
Meteor-N2 11-1-2015, part

Comparing LRPT/HRPT of Meteor


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Kepler data

HRPT reader of David Taylor. This reader supports the 10B format generated by the hrpt-software (both DOS hrpt and Linux wsat).

MHRPT N2 picture processed by wsat (received by Martin Blaho, SDR): HRPT_mn2_2014-08-16_08-20-47