Linux software.

wsat is the Linux weathersatellite program. It is compiled under Redhat, gcc v2.7, for Intel PC using GTK

Sources are available; see download section.


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Short feature overview of version 2010.10:


NOTE: Use new page for newer versions.

VersionTypeDownloadDownload sizeComment
2018.1 beta3 wsat compiled with Fedora 14 wsat_2018_1_beta3.tgz 150k tracker used to set decoder
2018.1 beta wsat compiled with Fedora 14 wsat_2018_1_beta.tgz 150k opt. -ts: tracker window separated
2017.6 wsat compiled with Fedora 14 wsat_2017_6.tgz 150k Added option to disable read decoder mode
2017.5 wsat compiled with Fedora 14 wsat_2017_5.tgz 150k Added reed solomon
Separate choices for FY-AB and C
2017.4 wsat compiled with Fedora 14 wsat_2017_4.tgz 150k capture usb-data enhanced
prepared for ft232h
2017.3b wsat compiled with Fedora 14 wsat_2017_3.tgz 150k 'Live' Fengyun during record
Fengyun format decoding, translation to C10 format
File manager: time-of-files added; sort by time
2017.2a wsat compiled with Fedora 14 wsat_2017_2.tgz 140k Added Fengyun (beta)
wait times adapted; all satellites: unit of 1/6 sec
metfy3x filename format
2017.1c wsat compiled with Fedora 14 wsat_2017_1.tgz 140k Added write in hpt format
Metop: catch callibration
bugfix test_min
bugfix tracker: limits manual window
2016.7a wsat compiled with Fedora 14 wsat_2016_7.tgz 140k Added write in jpeg
Corrected AVHRR extraction; ch 1->2->3->4->5->1
2016.6a wsat compiled with Fedora 14 wsat_2016_6.tgz 140k metop: destrip
save colour mapping channels
'save'-bug fixed
2016.5c wsat compiled with Fedora 14 wsat_2016_5_beta.tgz 138k enhanced metop support
Changed default XY: X/Y=0 -> east/north
2015.03 wsat compiled with Fedora 8 wsat_201503.tgz 132k Many fixes in tracker
2015.02 wsat compiled with Fedora 8 wsat.tgz 117k Support Meteor-HRPT n1,n2
Added tracker
2.0 Needed GTK-libs Is most likely already
installed on your Linux OS
2010 wsat compiled with Fedora 8 wsat_2010.tgz 120k Support METEOR-HRPT
Support 2010 decoder
2015.03b parport wsat using parallel port instead of USB wsat_pp.tgz 136k
for 1995 decoder


Download old versions.

VersionTypeDownloadDownload sizeSources availableComment
2009.01 wsat compiled with Redhat 9 wsat.gz 117k see next table
ID NOAA19 added
2005.05 (Previous version) wsat compiled with Redhat 9 wsat_2005.gz 117k see next table
ID NOAA18 added
1.2 / 0.9.1
1.2 / 0.0.10
Needed GTK-libs Is most likely already
installed on your Linux OS

Source code

2017.05 wsat code 320k
2010.01 wsat code 206k

Installation (old versions)

The program itself:

If you want to try wsat without actually recording you can put wsat where you like. However, if you want to record as normal user then wsat needs super-user privilege, to access the parallel port.
The next steps you have to do as super-user (under root): Now check if wsat runs. If you get an error message like:
wsat: can't load library ''
you need to install the gtk libraries.

  • NOTE: It seems that the new gtk-libs don't allow to run programs with super-user privilege by non-root users. Which means that you need to be root to record with wsat. This issue has to be solved in a proper way...

    Install libs:

    Double-check if you have gtk-libs: If they are there you probably need to add /usr/local/lib to the file /etc/
    Otherwise install the gtk-libraries.


    To make sure that data transfer from the parallel port is reliable (especially for a long time) make sure that:

    That's it!

    Note on wsat installation.

    The way described here to install wsat (with the chmod +s command) is not really nice because normal users have now super-user privilege via wsat. This has to be changed some day (using a driver, it shouldn't be necessary to give wsat super-user privilege).
    For single-user systems the 'superuser-wsat' is not a real problem.

    Reported bugs:

    None (but of course, there are...)

    Test version.

    This is a test version of wsat.exe. It can be changed any time without notice and can show unexpected behaviour. For normal use download
    this version!

    VersionTypeDownloadDownload sizeComment
    v3g_beta wsat program wsat_beta.tgz 192k Meteor N2: fix in format
    all fixed now (plot during record still to fix)
    fixed gamma setting
    adapted filenaming with 'file save'

    libfile for USB ftd driver

    Comments MeteorM-N2: