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Some MSG pictures processed by xrit2pic.

Note: All pictures copyright Eumetsat.
  • Meteosat (geostationar)
  • Meteosat Anaglyph picture
  • Polar satellites via Eumetcast
  • Polar satellites HRPT
  • Polar satellites METEOR
  • Eclipse pics and movies

    Standard colour Meteosat-8 picture. Mapping:

    VIS006 VIS008IR_016
    Red 001
    Green 010
    Blue 100

    Fog detection MSG2

    High resolution colours using HRV for lum and ch1...3 for colour

    Hires (1)

    Hires (2)

    Note: Colour saturation low because the "Black-and-White HRV is superimposed on the colour lores picture.


    Comparing HRIT colour pics, without and with using HRV for luminance.

    Iceland MET-8, HRIT, using VIS006/VIS008/IR_016.

    No HRVHRV used for luminance

    Anaglyph example.

    Polar satellites received via Eumetcast.

    Plate carree mapping of METOP 22-7-2007, start 20:25

    Next pictures are all received with the HRPT/CHRPT/PDUS decoder.

    For most pictures just 2 software programs are used:
    1. DOS-program HRPT.EXE
    2. Unix program XV, only to translate to JPEG
    The Sahara picture is also received with the HRPT.EXE program, but a different program is used to combine received channels into a colored picture.

    The Spain picture is colored with the new wsat program (Linux).

    See also Wil Pfeifer's home page with more pictures recorded with this decoder.

    CHRPT: Sahara in color (80k).

    (H. v. Deursen)

    CHRPT: Spanje in color (83k).

    R=Ch2; G=Ch2; B=Ch7-0.5*Ch2

    Received from FY1C. Note the color-shift (sensors in satellite not alligned???)

    HRPT: The Netherlands (230k).

    Received from NOAA12.

    CHRPT: The Netherlands+England (216k).

    Received from FY1C, 26-9-1999, 9:15 UTC.

    Seastar: Europe (111k).

    "Real" colors

    Same picture, zoomed (82k).

    "Real" colors

    Mapping of Seastar pictures:


    First processed METEOR data by wsat.

    Meteor-HRPT 8-3-2011 (received by F. Duttke)

    Meteor-N2 19-8-2014 (received by F. Duttke)

    Eclipse 1999.

    Meteosat 5 (272k).

    Received from Meteosat 5, 11 august 1999. Actual picture is of 12:00 UTC. At that time the eclipse was south-east of the Black Sea (lat=33° 27.3' lon=49° 39.6')

    Eclipse 2001.

    Meteosat 7, 12:00. (HRI)

    Eclipse at the Atlantic Ocean, west of Afrika.

    Meteosat 5, 13:00.

    Eclipse entering Angola.

    Eclipse 2006.

    Meteosat data © 2006 Eumetsat
    satellitetypepositiondownload size
    Meteosat 8avi0 deg. east7Mb

    Eclipse 2008.

    All Meteosat/Metop pictures © 2008 Eumetsat

    satelliteFile typepositiondownload size
    Meteosat 7avi62 deg. east7Mb
    Meteosat 9avi0 degr.10Mb
    gif10:07 - 10:16 UTC118k
    NOAA 17
    gif9:19 - 9:34 UTC670k

    Eclipse 2009.

    Meteosat 7
    Meteosat 7 + overlay
    Meteosat 7 zoomed
    MTSATR 7

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