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Windows Xrit2pic (GTK2.0)

This xrit2pic is based on gtk2.0. You need to install setup_gtk20dll.exe as well.
NOTE: This version is not suitable to use in non-gui (command) mode if several runs are activated in one batch file. All commands will then run at the same time, maybe "overloading" your PC. Use the commandline version instead.


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For the gui version you need program and 2 sets of DLL's to install:
VersionTypeDownloadDownload sizeComment
2017.5 XRIT program gtk2.0 setup_xrit2pic_2017_5.exe 760k See release notes.
2017.4 XRIT program gtk2.0 setup_xrit2pic_2017_4.exe 760k See release notes.
2017.3a XRIT program gtk2.0 setup_xrit2pic_2017_3.exe 760k See release notes.
2017.2 XRIT program gtk2.0 setup_xrit2pic_2017_2.exe 760k See release notes.
2017.1b XRIT program gtk2.0 setup_xrit2pic_2017_1.exe 760k See release notes.
2016.6 XRIT program gtk2.0 setup_xrit2pic_2016_6.exe 960k See release notes.
2016.4 XRIT program gtk2.0 setup_xrit2pic_2016_4.exe 760k See release notes.
2016.1 XRIT program gtk2.0 setup_xrit2pic_2016_1.exe 754k See release notes.

2004.03 JPEG and wvt decompression libs setup_decompr.exe 453k Self-installing

2.0 Needed DLL-libs setup_gtk20dll.exe 2.6M Self-installing wget: download program wget.exe 166k only needed for downloading Kepler files by xrit2pic
Note wget: This is freeware. It's an old release, but small, and... it works. Download and put it in the same directory as xrit2pic. (Not in the installer (yet).)

Windows Xrit2pic Commandline (non-gui)

For the commandline version you need program and 1 set of DLL's to install (gtkdll not needed):
VersionTypeDownloadDownload sizeComment
2016.4a XRIT command line setup_xrit2pic_forcmd.exe 410k also suitable for gui, but will give a command window and needs gtk libs.
2014.1 XRIT command line setup_xrit2pic_cmd.exe 410k Also contains bzip2.exe. See release notes.
2004.03 JPEG and wvt decompression libs decompr_inst.exe 453k Self-installing

Previous versions (gtk2.0)

2013.2c XRIT program gtk2.0 setup_xrit2pic_2013.2c.exe 690k Also contains bzip2.exe. See release notes.
2008.08a XRIT program setup_xrit2pic_200808a.exe 460k Needs GTK2.0 libraries..

Previous versions (gtk1.3, so need gtkdll_inst.exe)

2011.11.a XRIT program gtk2.0 setup_xrit2pic_201111a.exe 680k Also contains bzip2.exe. See release notes.
2008.06 XRIT program setup_xrit2pic_200806.exe 460k Needs GTK2.0 libraries..
2008.05d XRIT program xrit2pic_inst_200805d.exe 460k Also contains bzip2.exe. See release notes.
2008.03a XRIT program xrit2pic_inst_2008.03a.exe 460k Also contains bzip2.exe. See release notes.
2008.01 XRIT program xrit2pic_inst_2008.01.exe 460k Also contains bzip2.exe. See release notes.
2007.09a XRIT program xrit2pic_inst_200709a.exe 440k Also contains bzip2.exe. See release notes.
Note: The archive '' contains 2 libs/DLL's:

Movie related programs

To play movies generated by xrit2pic. Just a suggestion; any player should do.
Movie player Mplayer download
Codecs codecs download win32codecs-essential-20040703.tar.bz2



The downloads are self-installing executables. Just download, run and follow instructions.

Help for installation on Windows: