Controller for Signal generator

Using info sniffed by karl-heinzschweikert7593

PythonLinux 64-bitsWindows adf435x_ctrl.tgz adf435x_ctrl.exe setup_gtk20dll.exe


Point modeSweep modeSweep2 modeSettings


First Connect, see Settings to alter port nr.

Options for default values:

option example comments
-p <portnr> -p 16 see in program, settings-tab for port name versus nr.
-rf <ref-freq> -p 26.0in MHz
-l <level> -l -9 0,-3,-6,-9
-f <frequency> -f 141.12in MHz
-fa <start frequency> -fa 100.0in MHz
-fb <stop frequency> -fb 200.0in MHz
-fs <step frequency> -fs 10.0 in MHz


  • Some generators have 26 MHz reference instead of 25 MHz.
  • Some generators have wrong start/stop frequencies with sweep. Trying this to correct by changing the reference signal results in 'hicks' at certain frequencies during sweep, so don't do that.